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Zero waste school  – a new project launched in partnership with the Green Industry, Innovation, and Technology Transfer Foundation

Zero waste school – a new project launched in partnership with the Green Industry, Innovation, and Technology Transfer Foundation

Food waste generated by the population and in particular in schools and kindergartens is a serious problem that faces not only educational institutions but also the population of Dupnitsa in general. The local population does not have established habits and culture to separate waste and use resources rationally. One of the identified reasons is the lack of sufficient information on the harmful effects on the environment and the ways to reduce waste generation.

To solve this problem SEU Sv. Paisii Hilendarski and PG Hristo Botev – Dupnitsa and Hristo Botev Primary School – Kraynitsi village in partnership with Green Industry, Innovation and Technology Transfer Foundation and the Norwegian consulting company International Development Norway, which will assist in the implementation of good practices from Norway, will introduce an innovative model of school without food waste and will pass the required 7 steps for certification with a “Green Flag”.

The target groups are primary and secondary school students, teachers, as well as children from local kindergartens and the general public in the municipality of Dupnitsa.

The results will be achieved through the following activities:

– Development of 7 programs and implementation of 7 educational campaigns concerning circular economy and recycling;

– Development and implementation of 7 awareness-raising campaigns; –

 Promotion of activities in support of recycling and reuse of waste;

– Transfer of good practice from Norway.

The development and implementation of the planned educational programs and educational and information campaigns aim to achieve results, both in the school and in the local community, through the positive impact on students, their families, school and teaching staff and the general public in the three settlements. As a result of the project implementation, the use of resources at the municipal level will be improved on the basis of experience, knowledge and good practice gained from Norway.

Project Zero waste school is implemented under “Small Grant Scheme circular economy” of the Programme “ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION AND CLIMATE CHANGE” and Financial mechanism of the European economic area 2014-2021 with number: BGENVIRONMENT-3.001-0004 with beneficiary SEU Sv. Paisii Hilendarski, Dupnitsa and partners GREEN INDUSTRY, INNOVATION AND TECHNOLOGICAL TRANSFER FOUNDATION, International Development Norway, OU “Hristo Botev” Dupnitsa and PG “Hristo Botev” Dupnitsa. The project duration is 20 months and it is with a budget of 351 840,35 BGN – or 179 893,12 €, of which the maximum amount of the grant is 344 166,63 BGN – or 175 969,61 €.