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Volunteers cleaned Beloslav Lake

Volunteers cleaned Beloslav Lake

About 100 volunteers gathered in the protected area “Yatata” in Beloslav, united in the cause to clean the shores of Lake Beloslav, which in recent years has been a victim of excessive waste disposal from households and businesses.

The youngest participants, students from 3rd and 4th grade, joined with great enthusiasm, for whom the organizers had prepared a lot of fun and quizzes. The educational games focused on the negative impact of plastic on the environment and its recycling. Products made of recycled plastic were also shown. In one of the games, the kids tested their sights by throwing plastic caps in the trash.

The education of love for nature in the youngest is the primary goal of the project, said for “Radio Varna” one of the organizers Iliana Georgieva from the Foundation “Green Industry, Innovation and Technology Transfer”.

In jokes and jokes and with a lot of moods, the volunteers managed to fill dozens of bags of dumped garbage on the shores of the lake in just a few minutes. According to the project manager and deputy mayor of Beloslav Municipality Denitsa Todorova, garbage around the coast is a common sight. However, she is optimistic that people’s attitudes towards nature will change for the better.

The collected garbage will be handed over to a solid waste recycling company, also a partner of the initiative.

“The waste will be processed with us through special machines, which are to be purchased within the project,” said Zhelyo Zhelev, head of the Ecology Department at the partner company.

Daily, the company processes about 500 tons of mixed waste, and the quantities exceed 130 thousand tons in one year.

The campaign dedicated to World Cleaning Day was held in parallel in several other settlements in the Municipality of Beloslav – the villages of Razdelna, Strashimirovo and Ezerovo.


The publication was created in connection with the implementation of the project № BGENVIRONMENT-2.003-0001 “Introduction of an innovative model for reducing the amount of plastic waste in the marine environment from land-based sources”, with the financial support of the Program “Environmental Protection and Climate Change” “Through the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area (EEA FM) 2014-2021. The Municipality of Beloslav implements the project in partnership with Ecoinvest Assets AD, the Green Industry Innovation and Technology Transfer Foundation and the Norwegian consulting company IDN (International Development Norway). All responsibility for its content lies with the ZIITT Foundation, and under no circumstances can this document be considered as reflecting the official opinion of the Program Operator and/or The Financial Mechanism Office.