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Information campaign to prevent the pollution of the sea with plastic waste

Information campaign to prevent the pollution of the sea with plastic waste

On the occasion of the  Black Sea Day, on 31.10.2022, an information campaign was held in the town of Beloslav to prevent the pollution of the sea with plastic waste.

The team of the “Green Industry, Innovation and Technology Transfer” Foundation held an information campaign and quiz with exciting facts about the Black Sea and water pollution with plastic waste. Participants in the examination were residents of Beloslav Municipality, visitors and guests of the town, and all participants received prizes! Made of bamboo and natural materials, the promotional materials distributed can be used in everyday life and help reduce plastic waste and increase the reuse of products made from greener and recyclable materials.

The publication was created in connection with the implementation of the project № BGENVIRONMENT-2.003-0001 “Introduction of an innovative model for reducing the amount of plastic waste in the marine environment from land-based sources”, with the financial support of the Program “Environmental Protection and Climate Change” “Through the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area (EEA FM) 2014-2021. The Municipality of Beloslav implements the project in partnership with Ecoinvest Assets AD, the Green Industry Innovation and Technology Transfer Foundation and the Norwegian consulting company IDN (International Development Norway). All responsibility for its content lies with the ZIITT Foundation, and under no circumstances can this document be considered as reflecting the official opinion of the Program Operator and/or The Financial Mechanism Office.